• Are you ready to be refined?

    Refined Beauty

    It is a Christian, faith-based organization that serves to illuminate the lives of young girls by providing insight into the beauty they truly possess through mentorships, meet-ups, and acts of service.

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    This mentorship is faith-based and addresses character, relationships, purity, current events, and mental health



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    Meetups are twice a month, ranging from group sessions to social events that build sisterhood through fellowship and community

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    Acts of Service

    Purposeful service in our communities and surrounding areas foster a sense of empathy, compassion, connectedness, and love

  • Refined Beauty is dedicated to correcting the distorted view of self-love, self-worth, and sisterhood through sessions that strengthen and build our girls.




  • If You Are...


    A Girl!



    Between the ages of 10-16*

    Parental/Guardian consent must be completed



    If you are searching for a girl group where you will learn about yourself, your character, and God's love, then this is for you!

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