Locked Up

Dirty Diary

· Dirty Diary

OK So......I'm sitting in ISS - Yes Girl!! Mmhm. It's this large, dull, cold room in the schools basement. It's about 6 rows of desk, with about 12 of us here, and we are all spread out from each other. The lights are burning my eyes and it smells like, musty gym mats. The desk are facing the front of room, except the "teacher" is sitting behind us, on this platform. ISS is where highschoolers go who have minor offences. My offense? Too many tardies. What can I say? I move slow. We aren't allowed to change classes, talk, eat, put our heads down, stand, laugh, look, breathe... none of that. If you ask me, it's jail. Thankfully I make bail on the 23rd.

And i just got done (well not just, I been done) writing the rules & dress codes for in- school suspension. The warden passed them out at the beginning of ISS and told us to write them, front and back. It was too long... look like they typed it in 12 font. Ugh. Cruel..... I think we're supposed to be in third period right now..yeah. The announcments are on right now too. And this man had the nerve to make us stand up. WE IS IN TROUBLE SIR!! WE NOT SUPPOSE TO BE STANDING UP!!! DUH!- Anyway, this guy sitting next to me drawing cats and hearts.. Weird much. So this man just brought me some work from my classes that I have to do, don't want to but hey, G2G, BBS (be back soon)